The Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) offers a wide range of resources and support to drive innovation and collaboration. Our services encompass Intellectual Property Protection, Licensing, Funding Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Training. We are committed to transforming innovative ideas into successful ventures through commercialization, facilitating better business development. 

Intellectual Property Protection

From patent application and invention submission to copyright recordal, trademark registration, and patent maintenance, KTO provides assistance in protecting the inventions' innovative ideas.


HKBU R&D Licensing Limited: Maximizing the commercial potential of HKBU's intellectual property through dedicated licensing services, fostering collaborations between academia and industry.

Funding Opportunities

We support entrepreneurs by providing tailored pre-incubation and incubation programmes that refine start-up ideas, secure funding, and promote commercialization.


Entrepreneurial Training

Our entrepreneurship training offers comprehensive contents to support start-ups in their business development.