Vision and Mission Vision and Mission
Providing “Professional, caring, and comprehensive Knowledge Transfer services” to HKBU community



The Knowledge Transfer Office aspires to become a facilitator and an innovative hub for our strategic global partners, the broader community, and HKBU. Our aim is to enforce research impact outside academia, serve as a driving force in realizing HKBU's vision, and enable a holistic approach to the growing importance of knowledge transfer. We are committed to creating a positive societal impact and providing clear direction in our endeavours. 




The Knowledge Transfer Office is committed to match the needs of the community at large with the research, teaching and learning at HKBU. We work in partnership with stakeholders of HKBU and our global partners to proactively contribute to the community.

Through these efforts, we aim to raise awareness of the vital role of Knowledge Transfer in society. Our mission statement drives our approach, ensuring a positive societal impact and the fulfilment of our core values and goals.