Established in 2009, HKBU Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) has been at the forefront of fostering successful collaborations between academia and industry. Our dedication to knowledge transfer has yielded tangible outcomes, including commercialized inventions and impactful partnerships.

Over the years, we have built a solid track record of achievements, consolidating our position as a trusted facilitator of innovation and collaboration. We facilitate the transfer of expertise and technology to benefit both the university and the wider community. Supported by our Advisory Committee, we have made significant contributions to university-wide initiatives and the advancement of knowledge transfer.

KTO Important Dates

2009 2009

KTO established to provide comprehensive Knowledge Transfer services to HKBU community.

2014 2014

HKBU R&D Licensing Limited, a subsidiary company of HKBU, is established and operates under KTO. It holds the shares of spin-off companies for the first time.

2018 2018

First KTO Intellectual Property Forum flagship event aimed at enhancing public knowledge on Intellectual Property Protection.

2023 2023

Launch of the new KTO branding logo and Policy on Intellectual Property Management.

Membership and Composition of KTC

KTO serves as an executive arm of Knowledge Transfer Committee (KTC) aiming to benefit the community by fostering university-industry partnerships and transferring valuable knowledge and expertise. The KTC is composed of 10 committee members from different faculties and 1 observer.