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HKBU R&D Licensing Limited

To optimize the commercialization of the University's newly applied and granted Intellectual Property (IP) rights, HKBU established HKBU R&D Licensing Limited ("HKBURDL") in March 2014.

 HKBURDL, being a wholly owned limited company, serves as the dedicated IP licensing and commercialization entity for HKBU. The main purpose of the company is to effectively manage and commercialise the intellectual properties (IPs) developed by HKBU.  HKBURDL also provides support and facilitate collaboration between HKBU researchers and industrial partners. It helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering innovation and driving economic growth. With a dedicated team of professionals, HKBURDL ensures that the IPs developed by HKBU researchers are properly protected and commercialized for maximum impact.

HKBURDL is ready to assist you in all aspects of industrial collaboration whether you require assistance with IP licensing, patent licensing or licensing agreements. Please contact us for more details.


Tel: (852) 3411 2819