KT Awards Recipients of Year 2022/23

HKBU Innovation Award

Awardee: Dr. ZHOU Yuanyuan

Department of Physics


“Next-Generation Semiconductors for Low-Carbon Energyand Urban Intelligence”

The massive need for semiconductors in the future world necessitates the innovation of cheaper and better alternatives. Dr ZHOU Yuanyuan is investigating a new type of semiconductors called perovskites, which can be solution-printed at near ambient temperatures. One prominent application of perovskites is for creating high-performance low-cost solar cells with market-attractive flexible and semi-transparent features, reforming our impression of conventional solar panels. Zhou's research has targeted the major issues (scalability, stability, and Pb-toxicity) of perovskites in their current industrialization path, and it has also demonstrated enduring impacts on a range of other semiconductor technologies from LEDs to sensing and computing.