BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future: Paving the Way for Biotech Advancements at HKBU 

Organized by KTO and Institute for Innovation, Translation and Policy Research (ITPR), with the support of TriAngle at the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, "BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future" successfully brought together stakeholders from investment and industry sectors to foster knowledge exchange and collaborations with Biotech and Chinese medicine startups and innovations at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).  


Prof. Terence Lau, HKBU's Interim Chief Innovation Officer, emphasized the university's commitment to Knowledge Transfer and collaborating with industry players and investors to translate innovations into practical solutions. Prof. Zhaoxiang Bian, HKBU's Associate VP for Chinese Medicine Development, shared advancements in Chinese medicine, promoting standardization and internationalization.  


We showcased 9 startups and innovations of Biotech and Chinese medicine breakthroughs and generating interest from investors. Aimed to bridge the gap between HKBU startups and potential investors, accelerating the translation of research outcomes into commercial products. It highlighted HKBU's dedication to driving innovation in biotechnology and Chinese medicine.