HKBU's Innovations Showcased at InnoEx 2024

HKBU continued to participate in InnoEx, which is organized by the Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 13th to the 16th of April 2024, InnoEx 2024 gathered leading technology specialists, startup founders, visionary thinkers, and investors from the area and further afield to display advanced smart solutions and the latest high-tech innovations.

During the event, HKBU exhibited two innovations: the Tongue HealthChecker mobile app developed by HKBU Startups EC Bot Limited, and HKBUniverse, a metaverse developed by HKBU faculty.

The Tongue HealthChecker mobile app utilizes AI technology for analysis, enabling users to monitor their health with self-taken tongue images. It also provides food therapy recommendations as a follow-up action for users.

HKBUniverse is an immersive, AI-enabled virtual environment that facilitates collaboration and interaction among students, faculty, and external partners from different disciplines. In this metaverse, users can experience virtual campus life.

Keep an eye out for further thrilling news about the impressive accomplishments and groundbreaking new developments coming from the entrepreneurial circle at HKBU.