Student Feedback

Giovanni Santini

A First-year student in Ph.D. Music at HKBU

‘The Bootcamp was a totally new experience for me. I had never taken part into a business course or never joined a team for preparing a presentation about a business idea. While I had many experiences of presenting (or performing) in front of people, I had never pitched an idea in a one-minute speech. The Bootcamp provided me with the possibility to experience such situations.’

Sasa Mok Nga-ching

A Final-year student in English Language and Literature at HKBU

‘I have learnt to be proactive, be brave to step forward and do not afraid to try. I did not submit business proposal before the Bootcamp but I was very lucky to be encouraged to do the pitch by one of the student mentors from Berkeley. Because of this little step, it made the difference of the whole experience. I have experienced more by taking the initiative to try and step out.’

Talia Chiu Man-fung

A Second-year student in Geography at HKBU

‘The most beneficial inspiration from the Bootcamp is to train up yourself and to equip with a good attitude before spending or investing in any projects. I have never assumed a fruitful outcome could be marked up by a few days camp. However, when I first received the schedule at the briefing session, I deeply realised this is a very serious and organised camp. The intensive classes taught by many heavyweights from various aspect inspired me unconsciously. During these few days, we learnt not only the knowledge and the skills of being an entrepreneur but more about belief, attitude and behaviours which are beneficial in our future life.’

Lexi Burbey

A Third-year student in Business Administration at UC Berkeley

‘The two words that I would use to describe this Bootcamp would be Perspective and Enriching. By Perspective, you really get a chance to learn a new perspective. That means in terms of culture, in terms of hearing the ideas, you really have the chance to get to work with a new set of people. So when we do it in Berkeley, I get a different perspective even than I do here. So it’s really exciting to be a part of that.’

Himanshu Jain

A PhD student in Chemistry at University of Oxford

‘These last few days have been a bit of a dream – one from which I don’t want to wake up! I thank you KTO from my heart for the truly warm hospitality. The attention to detail was stunning and the programming could not be more solid!’

Lyu Ye

A Third-year student in Public Administration at Nanjing University

「除了講座與主辦方安排的各類創業與領導力相關活動,這次訓練營我們收獲最多的是創業團隊成員之間的友誼。項目准備階段大家頭腦風暴、挑燈夜戰,一次次推翻現有架構進行新的突破,一次次對PPT和提報進行修改,在這個過程中,成員之間互相了解,結成了極為深厚的友誼,也陪伴彼此熬過每一個項目考核,熬過每一個為了報告而殫精竭慮的夜晚。 能夠在短短幾天時間收獲如此多的創業知識,提升個人能力,並且開闊視野,了解香港的風土人情,無疑都證明了這次活動帶給每一個人的深刻意義,也許就在未來的某一天,這些經歷與修養就會體現在個人的談吐、個人的修為之中,最終受益終生。」