Student Feedback

Angus CHOW Tsz-shing

a third-year student in Government and international Studies at HKBU

‘For me, the camp is an important platform to gain cross-disciplinary insights. Without it, I would still be thinking from a narrow perspective.’

Josh TONG Yeung

a fourth-year student in Human Resources Management at HKBU

‘I learned to collaborate with people, contribute to the team, embrace different opinions and, most importantly, become a confident public speaker in any situation.’

Zakson FENG Zhen

a third-year student in BBA Finance at HKBU

‘Over the last three days, we learned from our lecturers, as well as listened to mentors and industry specialists. We then engaged in projects, teamed up, came up with ideas, and pitched them before an audience, I never thought I could do so many things in just three days. KTO made it happen.’

David HO Kin-ting

a first-year student in Business Administration at HKBU

‘Thank you KTO for organizing this boot camp! Not only did you connect us with UC Berkeley students, you also built bridges between master and undergraduate students within HKBU!’

Kevin TIAN Yuan

a fourth-year student in Business/Mathematics at UC Berkeley

‘Having been to many startup boot camps around the world, I have to say that this is by far the most impressive one. The organization, the diversity and, most importantly, the people were world-class. I will give this boot camp five stars!’

Kaycee Claire ANTOSIAK

a fourth-year student in Political Economy at UC Berkeley

‘I thought the Bootcamp was great! It was very thought-out, organized, and well executed. The mentors were incredibly helpful and the lectures were great!’