E-Newsletter - Issue 10

Connecting Friends and Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Entrepreneur Highlight: From Employee to CEO – HKBU Alumnus Mr Mark Siu: “Dare to Think, Dare to Do”

Mr Mark Siu’s story of establishing a top business has never unfolded like clockwork. After graduating from the Department of Computer Science in HKBU, it took him another four years in the common workplace to steel himself for a genuine start-up. In 2007, he joined his friends to found an enterprise that is now known as ETG Holdings Limited (ETG). Looking back at the tough time as already the CEO of the company, Mark feels glad to have a great team that could always be frank with one another, open-minded with challenges and eager to learn from setbacks. It is through the unyielding faith in a shared goal that the team is able to keep trying, testing, absorbing experience and adjusting accordingly towards success.

Road to Entrepreneurship, Key to Social Impact - HKBU Alumnus Mr Sunny CHEUNG Sai-ho

Are great ideas alone enough to be turned into great businesses? Things are not that easy and straightforward in the real world. Our HKBU alumnus, Mr Sunny Cheung Sai-ho shared with us that “Research & development as well as marketing & sales are equally essential to the growth of a business.” With tremendous effort to build up these important elements, he founded an IT company, CP2JOY IT CO. LIMITED, in 2019 to commercialise his innovative technology. “CP” is the initial of Cerebral Palsy and “Joy” stands for joystick.

The Entrepreneurship Journey of Two Rising Stars

In our previous issues, we have invited some well-established members of the BEST Community to prepare us with their business expertise for a drastically changing economy. In this issue, as an alternative approach, we would like to redirect your attention to two of our upcoming talents, Sam and Frankie, and their entrepreneurial journey which is full of dedication and passion. The two co-founders of Foodoor have graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and City University of Hong Kong a few years before, but now their innovative vending machine system has already covered more than 100 locations of instalment in both the commercial and residential areas of Hong Kong.

[Webinar] Innovation in Times of Change

Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is currently witnessing unprecedented change in health concerns, financial disruptions, supply chains, workflow, entertainment models, and social life.

BEST Ambassador Programme 2020-2021

Time flies, another batch of ambassadors has arrived! Welcome to the BEST family, our 2020-2021 BEST Ambassadors!

Holistic Startup Training Programme

The first two meetings and consultation sessions of HSTP1001 – Building a Winning Team and Pave Way to Successful Ventures & Research Impact were successfully held in November. 13 potential start-up teams have attended the classes.

[Online Workshop] Build Your Own Apps with Thunkable

When more and more businesses are finding ways to go digital, app development skills have become one of the most needed skills in this decade.

Student sharing: How COVID-19 Changed Our Lives

COVID-19 has been with us for almost a year. We were overwhelmed by its invasion to the whole world. While we are still learning to cope with the numerous changes it has brought to our lives, one thing is certain - we will all grow through it eventually. Our students share the same feelings, let’s see how they grow and thrive during this bumpy roller coaster ride!

Startup Semester Programme (Fall 2021) – Call for Applications

HKBU is now offering you a chance to study one semester at the world’s leading public university, the University of California, Berkeley! The new Cohort of Startup Semester Programme Fall 2021 (Study period: Aug 2021 – Dec 2021) is calling for applications now!

Congratulations to HKBU Start-up Teams

  • Congratulations to BP InnoMed Limited and Dr Hong-Lok Lung for Winning the Best Public Communicator at 2020 BRACE Award Venture Competition
  • Congratulations to HKBU student start-up team, Teatimes, for being admitted to HKSTP STEP Programme

[Celebrations] Our Global Partner- University of California, Berkeley Ranks No.2 School in the World for Entrepreneurs

With reference to PitchBook’s 2020 university rankings, our global partner*, University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) ranks second-best university in the world overall for undergraduate programs that produce entrepreneurs who go on to obtain venture funding. The list includes 50 schools from around the globe and ranked them by the number of companies and founders affiliated with each university, along with the amount of total capital those entrepreneurs raised.

Hong Kong Techathon 2021

Hong Kong Techathon 2021 is a flagship event jointly organised by HKSTP and seven local universities, including HKBU, PolyU, CityU, HKU, CUHK, HKUST and LingU. In this 7-day challenge, participants work collaboratively with students and alumni from different universities to generate ideas, make prototypes and pitch for seed fund and incubation support.

Pitch Perfect 1.0 - Your First Test to Be the BEST

It is never too forward to say that, every day, hundreds of brilliant business ideas “die in infancy” because they are not properly attended to by “their parents”. And it is not entirely the fault of the parents since it is also their “first time” to be mums and dads. So, instead of blame, what the inexperienced mums and dads really need is a chance, a chance to access a tailored parenting education. And the BEST chance to learn, as in scientific inquiry, is to put your hypotheses into TEST.

UC Berkeley Best of Series

Best of Series, as part of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) of UC Berkeley’s online initiatives for this Fall semester, features a wide range of topics relevant to society and to innovation today.