Holistic Startup Training Programme


Do you wish to turn innovative technologies / business ideas into viable and feasible business venture? Do you want to make an impact to the society?

Holistic Startup Training Programme (HSTP) is the key to equip you well to make all the above possible!

This Programme comprises 4 modules, including online courses, seminars and one-on-one tailor-made consultations, namely:

HSTP 1001

Building a Winning Team and Pave Way to Successful Ventures & Research Impact

(tentative in Nov 2020 to Jan 2021)

HSTP 1002

Design Thinking Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

(tentative in Feb 2021)

HSTP 1003

How to Captivate Any Audience and Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

(tentative in March 2021)

HSTP 1004

Intellectual Property Rights for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

(tentative in Q3 or Q4 of 2021)

HSTP welcomes HKBU researchers, students, staff and stakeholders.

For researchers, this Programme will amplify your research impact and give you a clearer sense of how to develop your technologies into commercial products, identify concrete commercialisation pathways forward.

For staff and students, this Programme not only paves the way for commercialisation of your innovations and protect your IP, but also empowers yourself to interact better, and captivate any audience at school and beyond.

It is also suited for individuals who wish to better their own interpersonal, design thinking and presentation skills for their studies and works.

HKBU staff and students can enjoy a special offer to join the Programme at HK$ 2,000# per individual per module (Original Price is HK$ 10,000 per individual per module)! TSSSU teams can even join the Programme with a team package discount at HK$ 5,000 per team for 4 modules.

# Committed HKBU participants who have 80% attendance can win a scholarship of HK$2,000 per module. The HK$2,000 will be reimbursed after the each module with 80% attendance (Based on the attendance record by KTO). The programme fee is non-refundable for withdrawal or cancellation once the payment is confirmed.

More details about the Programme: