Online Entrepreneurship Learning Resources under the New Normal – To Thrive, Not Just Survive


During the COVID-19 pandemic, all individuals and companies strive to adapt to the new normal. Online learning has become more popular than ever and an emergence of a new hybrid model of education was seen. To help the HKBU community better navigate in the new world, BEST has a series of online entrepreneurship training modules available for them. These modules are not only about knowledge sharing, but more importantly, how we can all have a more robust mindset when we deal with challenges in front of us.

When you face different challenges, if you believe you can’t overcome them, this is actually the barrier holding you back. In BEST1001*, Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu would share with you about Entrepreneurial mindset - a way of thinking that enables you to be decisive and able to evaluate an opportunity and see adversities as advantages. Let us all fail fast and learn even faster!

How could you brainstorm ideas to adapt and overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic? In BEST1002*, you will learn about the technical and theoretical aspects of design thinking. Mr Cesar Jung-Harada would guide you step by step throughout the online lectures. You will learn to break down a big problem into smaller pieces, choose objectives and strategies after completing this online module.

Physical meetings are discouraged as social distancing is in practice due to pandemic. E-meeting with customers, clients and even friends has become a new trend and this in turn has brought more new prospects. In BEST1003* and BEST1005*, you will get proven practical tips, techniques and tools from Mr Nathan Gold to level up your presentation, speaking and networking skills. Everyone learns from doing. It is never too late to build out your story matrix while e-networking!

FREE online training modules on innovation and entrepreneurship are now available on HKBU Moodle and SCE Moodle, you can enjoy learning at your own pace anytime:

Online Training Modules*


Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong

What You Will Learn

Entrepreneurial mindset and skills

Online Training Modules*


Design Thinking Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

What You Will Learn

Design Thinking - how to generate creative ideas and solutions by understanding users’ needs holistically

Online Training Modules*


Aha! That’s How You Network

What You Will Learn

‘Tips, Tricks and Techniques’ on networking - connecting or generating a conversation with someone new

Online Training Modules*


How to Captivate Any Audience and Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

What You Will Learn

Communication, presentation and pitching skills - how to become more persuasive, and get people to take action

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