BEST Ambassador Programme 2020-2021 Recruitment – Unlock Your Achievements!


Adversities won’t stop us from transforming to a better person! Let’s thrive, learn and create something great together under the new normal!

BEST Ambassador Programme is an experiential platform for our students to learn, grow, transform and become a better self even when they are learning remotely!

Being our ambassadors, students will be benefitted from -

  • Having close encounters with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts at our BEST online & offline networking events
  • Having FIRST PRIORITY to participate in eye-opening global events
  • Working on fun & exciting projects (e.g. social media campaign & media productions) while expanding the network
  • Enjoying FREE training sessions that will enhance life skills
  • Enjoying FREE admission to almost ALL BEST EVENTS and those that we are linked to
  • Connecting with like-minded peers & create own amazing U-life moments AND MORE!

Let’s hear what our ambassadors (2019-2020) have to say about their BEST experience –

Gigi Chan Nok-chi

School of Business

“BEST helped me become a more confident person. I learned to express my views in front of the public and I also got to make friends with people from diverse culture. What’s more is that the programme taught me a lot of skills and mindsets concerning entrepreneurship. This experience is memorable and fruitful.”

Toby Leung Ho-yu

Academy of Film

“It was a worthwhile experience to engage in a programme related to entrepreneurship regardless of our academic disciplines. BEST provided me an opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds and I also learned about their cultures. Although we were only able to work together for a short period of time, I have been influenced by ambassadors’ passion and positivity. I think I am now more willing to reach out to people. I saw the changes I have in myself and so I would like to spread the entrepreneurial spirit to others.”

Yerkezhan Kassenova

School of Business

“Being in the programme gave me insights on every event hosted to promote entrepreneurship at campus. I have learned to apply creativity into attracting resources for entrepreneurship development. There are so many ways to engage students, as well as professors to turn their ideas to reality and dreams to goals. After the completion of the programme, I became more open-minded about every single opportunity around me and I was able to inspire my peers on campus. When the offline studies were put on hold, we still managed to keep connection and find creative ways to attract students’ attention to BEST. This experience helped me to become more adaptable to new changes.”

Yerbol Abdikhalil

School of Business

“It was a challenging year for all of us, but I am glad to join the BEST Ambassador Programme, since it helped me to adjust emotionally and mentally to new circumstances and environment. I appreciate BEST’s effort to get that "maximum" result from "minimum" of opportunities, and gift us nice memories, diverse network and a chance to unleash our potential.”

BEST Ambassador Programme is now calling for applications. If you would also like to be part of us and gear up before the next opportunity comes, join us now!