E-Newsletter - Issue 9

Connecting Friends and Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Entrepreneur Highlight –
Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu: Prototyping a New World During COVID-19

For this September issue, we invited Prof Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Director & Chief Scientist of Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley and Visiting Chair Professor at Department of Physics of Faculty of Science at HKBU, also the Deputy University Chair of our BEST Community, to help us understand what “new normal” means and how it is accelerating business changes and development in the ecosystem. Prof Sidhu also moved on to share some insights and advice for not only businesses that have been “hit hard” by COVID-19 but also fresh graduates who originally have planned to enter these businesses.

Pragmatic CEO Tips for Running a Startup – HKBU Alumnus
Mr Jefferson LAU Wai-fung

“I’ve always wanted to contribute and make a difference in the world. I hope to fully utilise my scientific background and knowledge to incorporate our latest technology into our life so that the world could become a better place.”

BEST Ambassador Programme 2020-2021 Recruitment – Unlock Your Achievements!

Adversities won’t stop us from transforming to a better person! Let’s thrive, learn and create something great together under the new normal!

TSSSU 2021/22 Call for Applications - HKD1.5M / HKD300K Start-up Funding Opportunity

Want to bring your R&D results to the real world and start your technology-related business? Apply for HKBU TSSSU now to unleash your entrepreneurial potential!

Online Entrepreneurship Learning Resources under the New Normal – To Thrive, Not Just Survive

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all individuals and companies strive to adapt to the new normal. Online learning has become more popular than ever and an emergence of a new hybrid model of education was seen. To help the HKBU community better navigate in the new world, BEST has a series of online entrepreneurship training modules available for them. These modules are not only about knowledge sharing, but more importantly, how we can all have a more robust mindset when we deal with challenges in front of us.

Holistic Startup Training Programme

Do you wish to turn innovative technologies / business ideas into viable and feasible business venture? Do you want to make an impact to the society?

One-stop Entrepreneurship Services – Startup Matching Express & Startup Clinic

Looking for co-founders and key team members? Whether or not you have a startup idea, this is the place for you! Startup Matching Express helps connect you to the startups, projects and talents you are interested in. This matching programme runs throughout the academic year. Submit your profile here whenever you are ready!

CARE24.Global – Meet the Future with Optimism

CARE24.Global was created to inspire, educate and activate the next generation and give them the confidence to meet the future with optimism. In this 24-hour live event, over 80 innovators, adventurers and activists from around the globe (including Hong Kong) will share their stories, practical tools and strategies for taking powerful actions.