The Journey Fighting Against COVID-19


How would you describe the first half of 2020? Stressful? Depressing? Overwhelming?

We were overwhelmed - COVID-19 has invaded the whole world all of a sudden. It brought every one of us various levels of changes, such as schooling, mode of work, international travel and even the way we meet our friends and family. We practised social distancing and stayed home to protect ourselves from the virus, however, this also tore us apart.

We are learning - But we human beings are a collective species. Together we are stronger than we could ever imagine. Although we are not able to eliminate the virus immediately, we are not defeated. We show care to our friends, family, relatives and the wider community; we share resources; we get in touch with each other more frequently and feel more connected than ever as we are all in this together. Adopting the changes brought by the COVID-19, we learn to settle our minds and calm ourselves in this protracted battle.

We will grow through it - This may be a tough time yet also the best time for us to grow and transform quickly as an individual or a community. During this difficult time, we reflect and internalise our learning, review our life progress and navigate under the new normal.

How about you? What did you learn and how did you grow during this period of time?

Watch the video to see the progress our students made during COVID-19!