Celebration - HKBU Invention Won Three Awards at the 2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (AEI)

Prof Jeffrey Cheung (second from the left), founder of Booguu Co Ltd. received the Grand Award at the Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong’s Department of Health, falling is the leading cause of injury for the elderly in Hong Kong. An improper walking posture may not only result in discomfort but will also lead to higher risk to fall which may cause serious injury. Fall prevention can help the elderly maintain and improve their quality of life.

Professor Jeffrey Cheung, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Physics of HKBU and the founder of HKBU Spin-off Company Booguu Co Ltd has invented the award-winning technology - Portable Gait Analyser. It is a patented mobile IoT health solution which is designed to prevent and minimise elderly falls.

This invention is using the patented algorithms to extract and quantify irregularities measured in walking, postural stability/ balance, and limb strengths. These factors are strongly associated to fall vulnerability which is based on well-established research worldwide. The cloud AI analytics further processes the results by using reference database of Hong Kong elderly, so as to determine credible risk levels and recommend specific interventions. With this simple, fast and effective solution, it is believed that elderly everywhere in Hong Kong can benefit from early awareness and prevention of a serious health risk. This invention proudly won Grand Award and Gold Medal at the Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (AEI). Please click here for details of this invention.

Prof. Cheung also won Silver Medal for his another invention “Diagnosis of Internal Combustion Engine Performance” at AEI. There were a total of 35 entries from institutions, research centres and industries competing for the award.

AEI is the exhibition cum competition exclusively devoted to inventions from Asia, by partnering with Palexpo, Geneva, organiser of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

Professor Jeffrey Cheung won three awards at the Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong